Donation Questions

Donation Questions

  • Can I donate sacrifices?

    If you wish, you can make your donation through our account numbers or our website.

  • Why should I donate to TÜRGEV?

    Since the day we were established as TÜRGEV Family, by closely following the development in the world; we work for our girls to develop as young people who read, understand, question, and produce, and we set out with them for the future. Thanks to you, we support the education of thousands of our female students who will be the future of our country.

  • How can I donate?

    You can donate to our foundation through our account numbers, online on our website, by SMS, or by hand.

  • Can I make in-kind donations?


    You can make an in-kind donation by contacting our headquarters.

  • How do we carry out the sacrifices?

    The most ideal integrated facility for slaughter is determined and the slaughtering operations are carried out by reading the names of the sacrificial owners whose proxy is taken by certified butchers on the first day of the feast.

  • How do we evaluate donated victims?

    The sacrificial meats stored in our cold storage are used in the meals of our students during the year.

  • How is our legation process progressing?

    Our benefactor who donates the sacrifice is returned through the phones they have shared and their power of attorneys are obtained.

  • How does the person giving the power of attorney find out that his sacrificial animal has been slaughtered?

    After the process, which is carried out following Islamic cutting and hygiene conditions, informative SMS messages are sent to our benefactors on the first day of feast.

  • Can I donate scholarships?

    If you wish, you can make your donation through our account numbers or our website.

  • When do you plant the saplings we donated?

    Donated saplings are planted twice a year during the sapling planting months. We carry out our sapling planting organizations with the Forestry Directorates.

  • How can I track my donations?

    You can track them by logging in from the Donor Login tab on the TÜRGEV website.

  • Do you have a tax exemption?

    Based on the application of our foundation, according to Article 20 of Law No. 4962 dated 30.07.2003 on the letter of the Ministry of Finance dated 08.05.2009 and numbered 48107, our foundation has gained the "Tax Exemption Status" with the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 26.09.2011 and numbered 2011/2292.