TÜRGEV Management Staff

  • Dr. Fatmanur ALTUN
    Dr. Fatmanur ALTUN

    Born in Kocaeli in 1979, Fatmanur Altun completed her education at Department of Sociology, Faculty of Letters, İstanbul University.

    Altun was in United States of America between 2002 and 2003 for her researches. She received her Master’s Degree at Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Institute of Middle East and Islamic Countries Studies, Marmara University with her thesis titled ‘The Role of Greater Middle East Initiative on Construction of Turkish Nationalism after 2000’. She started her PHD in the same department in 2014 and completed her studies in 2018 with her thesis titled ‘Social Benefit’ Approach of Secular and Faith-Based NGOs in Turkey: Examples of The Association for Supporting Contemporary Life and Turkey Youth and Education Service Foundation.

    Working as a translator and editor in publishing industry since 2000, Altun worked as department editor at Anlayış Journal between 2005-2010 and as a columnist at World Bulletin news portal between 2009-2012. She served as board member of AK Party Istanbul Provincial Administration between 2009-2012. She acted as a board member at İBB Kültür A.Ş. between 2012-2016 and started working at Marmara University as of 2015. Still working as a Lecturer at Department of Sociology at Marmara University, Altun has copyrighted and translated works. She is a columnist at Fikriyat Newspaper as well as the seminars and conferences she delivers in various platforms and publishes her articles in various fields on a regular basis.

    In addition to her duty as the Chairman of TÜRGEV Board of Directors, Altun acts as a Board Member at KADEM Foundation and speaks advanced English, intermediate Arabic and Ottoman. She is married with four children.


  • Mevlüt Uysal
    Mevlüt Uysal
    Board Member

    Uysal was born in Alanya district of Antalya in 1966. He completed is primary and secondary education in Alanya. He was graduated from Faculty of Law at Istanbul University. Working as a lawyer for long years, Uysal was also actively involved in political, social and cultural activities. He became the Founding Chairman of AK Party Küçükçekmece District Organization by taking part in the founding of AK Party.

    Uysal became the Mayor of Başakşehir Municipality in the local elections in March 2009. He was nominated again in 2014 local elections with his projects and successful services in his first period. He was elected as the Mayor of Başakşehir Municipality for the second time. 

    Uysal became the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality as a result of the voting in the extraordinary meeting of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipal Council on September 28, 2017. Mevlüt Uysal is married with four children.


  • Dr. Esra Albayrak
    Dr. Esra Albayrak
    Board Member

    Albayrak was born in İstanbul on 14.10.1983. She completed her secondary education at Kadıköy İmam Hatip High School in 2000 and received her bachelor’s degree at Department of Sociology and History at Indiana University, Bloomington in 2003. She completed her PhD studies at California University, Berkeley in 2014 in the field of sociology. She still maintains her studies on relation of religion-state, democracy and civil society. 

    In addition to her academic studies, she supports the civil society activities as a board member of Turkish Green Crescent Society.

    She is married with three children.


  • Murat ŞEKER
    Murat ŞEKER
    Board Member

    Graduated from the Department of Industrial Engineering at Marmara University in 2000, Dr. Murat Şeker received his Master’s Degree in Economy at Sabancı University in 2002 and his PhD in Economy at Minnesota University in the United States of America in 2008. Dr. Şeker delivered lectures in the fields of Economic Growth and Development, Money and Banking, Public Financing during his PhD studies. Dr. Şeker acted as an Analyst at Department of Entrepreneurship Research Department under Vice Presidency of Financial and Private Industry Development of World Bank in USA between 2008-2011 and as an Economist at Department of Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship under the same Vice Presidency of World Bank between 2011-2013.

    Returning to Turkey in September 2013, Dr. Şeker started working as the Head of Department of Investor Relations at Ziraat Bank and continued working as the Head of Department of Financial Institutions and Investor Relations as of August 2014. Meanwhile, he acted as the Board Member at Ziraat Investment, Ziraat Life and Retirement, Ziraat Insurance companies under Ziraat Bank. Assigned as the Deputy General Manager responsible for Financial Operations at Turkish Airlines Inc. İn July 2016, Dr. Şeker has been a part-time lecturer at Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences at Boğaziçi University since 2015.


  • Ahmet Bayraktutar
    Ahmet Bayraktutar
    Deputy Chairman

    Bayraktutar was born in İzmit in 1982. After completing his secondary education at Kartal Anatolian Imam Hatip High School, he was graduated from Department of Human Resources Management and Development at Marmara University. Having received his Master’s Degree at Department of Human Resources Management and Development at Marmara University, Bayraktutar still continues his PhD at Department of Business Administration and Organization at Istanbul University.

    Bayraktutar worked as a Project Manager and General Manager for a long time at company offering administration and human resources consultation and has been with Star Media Group since 2011 and works at executive board.

    Bayraktutar is a board member at Foundation of Vocational Counselors and Foundation of Kartal Anadolu İHL Graduates and Members.